The Washington Post recently published a favorable review of “Showdown in Virginia,” calling it a “great read” and a book that brings to life “what is usually seen as just one more state voting to secede from the Union.”

Click here to read the review.


Click here for a National Public Radio interview with William Freehling in May 2010, and click here for a lecture Freehling gave in November 2010 on the book at the Miller Center in Charlottesville.

“Showdown in Virginia” was recently reviewed by Marc-William Palen of the University of Texas. Palen wrote in the review that “scholars of the Civil War and Southern history would do well to add it to their library.” Click here to read the review.

For William W. Freehling’s recent C-SPAN lecture on pre-Civil War showdowns in Virginia, click here.

This Web site is set up as a supplement to William W. Freehling and Craig M. Simpson’s new book Showdown in Virginia. Click the above links for more information about the book and its authors, for feedback the book has received, for classroom exercises and to order.

Click here for an NPR radio interview on the book.

Click here for a brief interview with Professor Freehling on journalist Ben Sellers’ blog.